About Target Group Media

The world of art and technology is expanding; the creativity of Target Group Media unfolds.  With boundless imagination and decades of experience, TGM structures clients’ ideas into compelling material that is unique to their individual vision and the audience at large.

Expert and award winning, Target Media Group stays on the leading edge of website design, digital photography, market strategies, graphic design and conceptual art, embracing today’s dynamic media and marketing changes as new avenues of invention.

Established by Glenn Bucalo, in 1984, as a creative environment with an eye toward aesthetic communication, Target Group Media is one of the New York area’s most inventive marketing firms.

Target Group Media services some of today’s most discriminating clients and a diverse range of industry sectors including the Banking, Catering, Restaurant, Automotive, Entertainment, Advertising, Financial, Health and Travel industries.

While Target Group Media is renowned for its website design and photography services, in particular our creative developments, we hold in equal balance intellectual and artistic innovation…after all, what is on the outside always relies on what is happening on the inside.

Our client’ s creative is rooted in smart strategy and up-to-the-minute technology; a formula that ensures marketing is part of your business solution.